About Us

The Duchess Tea Store

Our name was inspired, of course, by the well-known story of Anna Russell, the 7th Duchess of Bedford. As it was customary for the evening meal to be served very late, the Duchess complained of a "sinking feeling" in the mid-afternoon and requested that a pot of tea and light food be brought to her private chambers. As this became a habit, the Duchess decided to invite a few of her friends, one of which happened to be Queen Victoria. Thus, the ritual of "afternoon tea" was born. By choosing the name, The Duchess Tea Store, we honor the Duchess of Bedford for establishing this beloved tradition.

Our budding interest in the world of tea began with the fascination of visiting various tea rooms across the country. We quickly became tea afficionados and began sampling the many different flavors of tea. As our affection for tea grew, we acquired the essential teaware to enjoy tea at home. We also began making our own scones. Before long, we were hosting tea parties and serving our guests the same flavorful teas and savory foods we had come to love. What began as a fascination with the whole tea experience has resulted in "The Duchess Tea Store."

So whether you enjoy your tea in lovely china teacups or prefer your favorite mug, we hope we can instill in you the same love we have for the beloved tradition of "taking tea."